Dear friends, what fast approaches is the end of a year that did not bode well for festivals and music, so it is only apt to hope that its successor will be far better. In addition to us wanting to wish you all serene holidays and only the best in 2021, including finally a motherload of live music, we would also like to use this opportunity for a quick update regarding what is next for our/your Czech metal feast.

After postponing this year’s installment, we in the meantime got in touch with all the confirmed bands to talk about the new date and most have no problem with the move to 2021. With such reassurance, we do continue with the preparations of the 12th installment and hereby confirm that if the government, the global pandemic situation, and devil knows what else allows, the festival will happen. Hopefully, with the most complete line-up possible, with beer brewed exclusively for our feast and with all the other perks. We also hope that we will resume regular announcements during January with positive news only.

Now, we would like to present you the updated festival art for next year. The original red palette of the 12th installment did not bring us much luck, so for the second attempt so to speak, though not being superstitious, we opted for the colors of tranquility and hope.

So, keep your fingers crossed, for us and for yourself, so that things go well. Thank you all for your continued support and let us all make a wish to finally meet in June 2021 at the usual scene of the crime. In the meantime, feel free to visit Tortharry or MetalGate e-shop, or revisit any of the performances from the past installments on the festival YouTube channel. First and foremost, however, have a great X-Mas!

Hold fast and see you in summer!

MGCDF team