Dear friends, we are reporting back with another five names confirmed for the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast! This time, it is all about the local scene, however, in its more alternative form. So, get ready for:


You may recall that MGCDF 2019 was to witness the return of the Czech post-black/shoegaze act DÆRRWIN, but due to sudden complications they were unable to perform in the end. No matter, for DÆRRWIN are now heading to MGCDF 2020, to the delight of all, who revel in the alternative currents of metal, as apparent from their aforementioned style classification. Since their inception three years ago, DÆRRWIN gained wider acclaim on one hand with their debut full-length “Uv’derekh” that belongs to the top ranks within the subgenre, and on the other hand with an intense streak of live shows both at home and abroad. Additionally, these gentlemen are also known for their strong involvement in the protection of life in all its shapes and forms, as well as of the environment in which we all live, which logically gets reflected in their music. On MGCDF 2020 you will thus have a chance not only to enjoy a state-of-the-art post-black made in Czech Republic, but also to ponder, at least a little, the “Quo vadis, homine” question.


The performance of HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ on MGCDF 2019 will be remembered for a long time, for as soon as these infernals hit the stage on the last festival day, all hell broke loose, both on the stage and everywhere else, as a majestic thunderstorm arrived on the site. If you were there, you know what we are talking about. HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ however played their part, left behind a scorched earth (as is proper for a fine black metal mayhem) and disappeared back to the Prague underground, where their lair is in a fallout shelter number 6. Inside, these radioactive lizards further perfected their art and then reappeared on several shows, for example as a supporting act for Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals or on the Prague show of the Order of Evil minitour that was headlined by iconic Hellenic black metal horde Varathron. In combination with their eponymous debut full-length that was unleashed in February 2019, HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ is thus dutifully disturbing the waters of the Czech black metal, doing it in their signature hardcore-punk style, for it is this subculture that their origins primarily stem from. As a result, their lyrics do reflect upon complex social issues. Add to that the fact these lizards are also truly hardcore supporters of all human and animal rights organizations, it becomes clear that under the umbrella of HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ there congregates the pitch-black black metal, the punk energy and philosophy and the occasional doom metal influence. And we can hardly wait what new devilry will be unleashed on MGCDF 2020, when their signature intro of “Hello, this is Lucifer!” will start rolling. This is something no one wants to miss, correct?

ELBE (cz)

The ELBE project is a particularly noteworthy collaboration of two notable names of the Czech progressive scene, i.e. of Standa Jelínek from the progressive rock melancholiacs Dying Passion and of Martin “Spacosh” Peřina from the progressive metal/ambient act Between The Planets. How so ever the name may lead to the conclusion that this project relates to the Elbe river, it is not the case, and the origin of the name must be sought in a different place. Specifically, somewhere within the Jeseníky region, wherein once stood a small village named Elbe, now long gone. And it is to this rather mystical place that Standa Jelínek has a close relation, drawing from it the inspiration that lead to the founding of the ELBE project. Given the musical roots of both gentlemen and their home bands, it is no surprise that ELBE reflects a shared affection to post rock, ambient, psychedelia, and to emotive and atmospheric music in general. In such a vein are then both the debut album “Sudety” from 2018 and the current single “The Terminal Summit” that appeared indeed recently in November. It foreshadows a new album that should be harder and darker than its predecessor, though not missing the ethereal and mystical vibe. A significant change is to be the inclusion of vocals on all tracks. Since MetalGate Czech Death Fest is no stranger to calmer and atmospheric acts, we will continue this tradition precisely with ELBE, whose particular vein of music will transport us to Jeseníky to relate to us the moving history of this enigmatic region.


In recent years, Daniela Neumanová have become a truly notable persona on the Czech metal scene. This omnifaceted artist and a respected personality, known more under her moniker “Dahlien”, is active in two bands no less, and we are delighted that it will be her doom-sludge hydra THE CORONA LANTERN that will return to MGCDF after three years. Established in 2015, it was initially a side project of the members of Diligence (the main band of Dahlien), wherein the musicians could realize their alternative musical ideas. Soon after however, it became a regular band that released first an EP “MMXV” and later on a debut full-length “Consuming the Tempest”, with the latter building on the former in expanding the atmosphere of melancholy and ruin. The overall song structure shines with gradual buildup and development of atmosphere that oscillates between the doom metal netherworld and heavyweight sludge, all the while being wrapped in an unusually clear sound for this genre. Such characteristics brought wide acclaim for “Consuming the Tempest” from critics both domestic and foreign, making THE CORONA LANTERN a very pleasant surprise on the local scene. And since all their studio activities were centered in 2015, we all impatiently await the next move of this distinct outfit, all the more because in March 2019, the band released a new single “Turning Possibility Into Never”, which may very well indicate that a new album is in the works. Chances are then that on MGCDF 2020, a fresh dose of mire and ruin will be unleashed. Looking forward!

NÁV (cz)

The Southern Bohemia is a region where metal thrives. The local environment is not only conducive to fishpond cultivation but must also contain an increased concentration of heavy metals, thus equally cultivating the talent for extreme music. The most recent example is NÁV. This trio of seasoned musicians stepped into the spotlight in Spring 2019, with the release of their debut “Smrtci”, which came out on a good old audio cassette and offered a truly pure form of black metal. The seven tracks are literally overflowing with nihilism, darkness and cold. On the other hand, the band approaches their musical vision with some levity, which allows them to detach from certain stylistic conventions and create more freely. Apropos, can you guess how the title of their debut came to be? Though in Czech, the word “Smrtci” is certainly very unusual, its origin is rather prosaic, as it is what one online translation program came with, when searching for a Czech equivalent to the word “deathmongers”. And since the band liked this Czech neologism more, the opted for it being the album title. In any case, “Smrtci” is yet another proof that the Czech black metal scene is doing very well indeed. A live testament to that effect awaits you in June, when these heralds of death shall hit MGCDF.