Dear friends, here come another five bands confirmed for the upcoming 12th installment of our/your Czech metal feast! We are keeping mostly to the extreme metal territories, so get ready for:


There are several countries that can be said to be death metal bastions. Within Europe, one such example is no doubt the Netherlands, and we are delighted to be able to welcome to our festival another distinguished guest from the land of windmills, tulips, cheese and other delicacies, namely the ABRUPT DEMISE. This outfit was founded in Steenwijk in 2010, going right from the start for an uncompromising death metal onslaught, captured on a mini CD “Aborted from Life” three years later. Since then, the band has opted for a somewhat different path than usual, focusing on live shows as much as possible, rather than on releasing album after album at all costs. And as apparent from their current U.S. tour, it does not really matter how big your discography is. If your music flows from the heart, it shows, and the interest follows. See for yourself the qualities of ABRUPT DEMISE on MGCDF 2020, with their brand new full-length “The Pleasure to Kill and Grind”. There is thus much to look forward to!


Again, something for all the extreme metal maniacs! The German outfit STILLBIRTH is all about brutal death metal, with some grindcore and deathcore icing. Since 1999, when the band was founded by Lukas Swiaczny, they gained an impressive record of live shows not only in Europe, but also overseas, and given the incredible amount of energy projected these performances are incredibly popular wherever they take place. To get an idea, just check out their recent October gig in the Parisian club Gibus, which can be summed up only as hell on earth. STILLBITH are thusly spreading their mayhem to promote their latest album “Back to the Stoned Age”, which offers older songs re-recorded by the new line-up, as well as some previously unreleased tracks. We estimate that their visit to MGCDF 2020 will be no different experience than the one in Paris, while hoping that the gentlemen will perform in their signature shorts!

PROCH (pl)

The Polish black metal horde PROCH is unholy union of three maniacs, for whom a solid black metal is the alpha and the omega of their musical vision. The current trends are of no interest to Zmor, Moloh and Heretyk, who opt instead to the truly raw old school black metal sound overflowing with blasphemy. Even the first demo “Urna” (2015) was an example of this old school path that PROCH walk upon, as it was released on a cassette in a strictly limited amount of 50 regular and 18 special editions. In 2018, the blasphemy continued with a CD full-length “Trupi Synod”, released in cooperation with East Side Records, which, no doubt, will be the centerpiece of their show on MGCDF 2020. Gear up then for the unholy black metal rite, filled with pure hatred for Christianity, as well as to anything else that has something to do with religion as such.


Melodic doom/death metal act from Slovakia, established in 2006 by Peter Beťko, a well-known persona of the Slovak underground. “I had some ideas, so I asked the guys from Anima and Sapiens to try those out with me, thus forming the first DOOMAS line-up,” says Peter about the founding of his band. The first demo “Lost Angels” followed soon after, and given its positive reception, it was decided that DOOMAS are not to be just a one-time studio project. Early in their career, the band had to deal with rather frequent changes in its line-up, though still successfully managing both studio recordings and live shows (such as on Brutal Assault, or supporting the Swiss folk metal bards Eluveitie, where DOOMAS played a great show only as a duo). That said, the current line-up is more stable than ever, whereby DOOMAS upped the ante by releasing a brand new EP entitled “Portal”, followed by a host of live shows all the way to October next year. In the meantime, it is our pleasure to welcome them again on MGCDF 2020.


MEAN MESSIAH need to lengthy introduction for those, who already heard about the Czech multi-instrumentalist and producer Dan Friml, who established this act initially as a studio project aimed at combining death-thrash metal with significant industrial influence. The debut offering “Hell” is thus de facto a one-man enterprise, since not only Dan recorded all instruments himself, but also took care of mixing and mastering. When the album was released in June 2013, Dan started looking for musicians, who could help him present his project live on stage, thus reshaping MEAN MESSIAH into a band. In 2016, the EP “Let Us Pray” was released as a foreshadowing of the second full-length, which has been taking some time to create, but its release is now in sight. Entitled “Divine Technology”, it is planned for spring next year, meaning that MGCDF 2020 will be one of the first venues, where this new material shall be presented live.