Dear friends, we are little over a month away from Order of Evil 2019 | CZ, the Czech show of an autumn minitour of two iconic names of the Hellenic black metal scene, and in the meantime, we would like to go over the roster of this black mass, starting of course with the most notable name, i.e. with VARATHRON!

This essence of the depths of Hades made manifest took shape in 1988, with Necroabyssious (vocals), Captain Death (drums), John (guitar) and Jim Mutilator (then bassist of Rotting Christ) being the initial line-up that recorded a year later the now legendary demo "Procreation of the Unaltered Evil". The second demo "Genesis of Apocryphal Desire" from 1990 then saw Stavros joining the ranks as the second guitarist, as well as Themis Tolis of Rotting Christ as the new drummer.

The turning point for VARATHRON came between 1992 and 93, with the release of the iconic split "Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins" with their colleagues from Necromantia, wherein VARATHRON clearly defined their own approach, more aggressive in comparison, to Hellenic black metal, which they subsequently expanded upon on their debut "His Majesty at the Swamp" with some doom nods for a more "swampy" feeling.

Since then the VARATHRON discography grew ever larger, with the band not being afraid to experiment. In 2018 came their triumphant return to the roots with their "Patriarchs of Evil" full-length that, as the Decibel Magazine observed, cast in gold all that the Hellenic black metal came to stand for.

Their most recent enterprise is a 7-inch split "Duality of Unholy Existence" that brought VARATHRON finally together with their long-time peers from Rotting Christ.



He who is sworn to the black metal of Hellas should thus not miss the return of VARATHRON to Czech Republic four years after Hellenic Darkness 2015!

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