This act that hails from Athens belongs to the most recent reinforcements of the Greek black metal phalanxes, as it was established in 2013. That said, the musicians involved are certainly no newcomers, since the founders are George Emmanuel, then still a guitarist of the iconic Rotting Christ and formerly of Chaostar, and Stathis Ridis, bassist of the Greek extreme metal veterans Nightfall, who created the new outfit out of a need to create outside the set trajectories of their home bands.

There are no demos in the discography of LUCIFER'S CHILD, as the band went straight for their debut full-length, which was released two years after the founding, in 2015, entitled "The Wiccan", and offered a grandiose black metal feast filled with pulsing rhythms, melodic riffs and theatrical atmosphere that underscores the occult lyrics of the piece.

This connection between extreme music and dark spirituality with emphasis on the ritual aspect continues on the second full-length "The Order" that came out last November and for the band itself refers to a motif of an occult synagogue, which stands as a metaphor for their joint work. Music-wise it is once again a solid offering that delivers, in comparison to its predecessor, faster, rawer, and more black metal sounding compositions.



Let us ad in conclusion that, like VARATHRON, LUCIFER'S CHILD also had their Czech premiere in 2015, namely on the 7th installment of MetalGate Czech Death Fest, thus making it also their return after four years, which no fan of Hellenic black metal should miss!