This outfit of radioactive lizards, whose lair is to be found somewhere in the half-forgotten labyrinth of Prague fallout shelters, was formed in 2015 by former members of bands !Úl, Balaclava, Projekt Parabelum, Let Them Burn and N.W.O. to answer the stagnant waters of the Czech black metal scene. So, though HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ thus took as its expression the raw and vile black metal, spiced here and there with doom metal elements, they are neither the classic black metal horde, nor the customarily pessimistic doom metal conclave. As the founding fathers were previously active primarily in HC/punk environment, so did their new project come to reflect this, especially in the band ethos that revolves around the support of all independent, underground and D.I.Y. endeavors, as well as of various human and animal rights organizations, which is that positive activism, typical precisely for the aforementioned hardcore punk scene. There is surely no need to further point out in detail that such past affiliations also mean that HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ is able to reach beyond purely metal audience.

While there is no denying that HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ is a relatively young act within the Czech underground, they nonetheless already scored numerous live performances, including festival appearances. In February 2019, MetalGate Records released their eponymous debut album that is not afraid to evoke the atmosphere of early black metal orthodoxy, only to deconstruct it into punk rhytms or doom interludes. Similarly, the album lyrics dare to brave several trajectories, from the customary darkness, over decadent humor, to philosophical subtext. There is no wonder then that this piece got, at the very least on the local scene, a well-deserved attention.



If then you have not yet had any dealings with HNUS UMÍRAJÍCÍ and with there distinctive take on black metal, we recommend not to miss their performance on Order of Evil!