The registration phase of the sixth installment of the bands playing hard music contest MetalGate Massacre is mid way and so we bring you fresh news of what is going on around the contest.

First and foremost, the prize pool is complete! It includes, among other things: 

  • Music video production from ARTELLERY Creative Division from A to Z no less, meaning from pre-production, that is script writing, storyboarding if need be, props making, over principal photography to post-production, that is, editing, effects, audiomix;

  • Five-days long recording session in MetalGate studio, also with full service from help with preparations for the studio session to mix and mastering;

  • Paid performance on the eighth installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest;

  • Awesome band merch bundle from Crystal Productions that contains 30 t-shirts, 100 guitar picks and 100 keychains, all with band logo, also a stage banner 3x1,5m, and on top of that a commemorative towel and mug for each band member.

And that is not all. Complete list of all prizes is available on the oficial website of MetalGate Massacre.

In any case, the stakes are worth it!

Another thing complete is our expert committee that will select 16 bands to enter the basic leg and that is once again international.

We are greatly honored that DERRICK GREEN, the frontman of the Brazilian cult SEPULTURA, will sit on the panel.

He will be joined by Michal Husák (metal publicist), Ladislav Oliva (metal publicist), Vlasa (Six Degrees Of Separation) and Mára (F.O.B.).

The enrolled bands will thus be evaluated by a worthy company indeed!

Registration phase ends November 15, 2015.

Onwards to battle! 



More information available in the current press release or on the oficial website of MetalGate Massacre.